Winter Cycling Training: Spinning Tips

Spinning is a great way to burn calories and get your cardio pumping. Check out this blog for spinning tips.


First, second and third positions These phrases refer to hand and body placement.

First Position which is the only seated position,and also the most common position. All you have to do is rest your hands in the middle of the handlebar while staying seated.

Second position a little more difficult, Start by lifting yourself out of the saddle. Next place your hands on the edges of the handlebar. Second position will allow you to achieve maximum power for sprinting or climbing.

Third position, your also out of the saddle for this position. The big difference between second and third position is that your back is straightened and your hands rest lightly on the very tips of the handlebar. lengthening your back will open up your diaphragm allowing you to have more control over your heart rate.

Adding resistance  During any giving spinning class you will be changing resistance several times. On the down tube of the bike, there is a small knob , turning it clockwise, will add resistance to the flywheel, making it more difficult to pedal. Turning it counterclockwise will loosen the tension making it easier to pedal. It is important to use enough resistance that you can keep your heart rate elevated for the entire duration of the class. 

Besides my legs, are the any other body benefits?

This cardio superstar is a killer abs sculptor, too. To engage your core, simply tighten your stomach several times during class. 

What Is the basic gear I will need?


Bicycle shoes will allow you to clip into the pedals, so you can lift up as well as push down, better engaging your hamstrings, butt and thighs. They will also help prevent your feet from coming off the pedals during a sprint or hill climb. We sell several models of spinning shoes from the Louis Garneau Multi Rx and The Louis Garneau Terra Lite are great examples.  Are suggestion is to try a few classes with normal running shoe before jumping in.  


Bicycle shorts are made from a number of panels. Panels allow the bike short to fit snugly, yet comfortably against the rider when cycling. the panels also are designed to support key muscles during exercise. The more panels, the better the shorts curve along the rider. Cycling shorts are often equipped with a pad, called a chamois. A chamois provides extra cushioning,and helps wick moisture and prevent chafing.  

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Joan Goodman November 09, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Spinning is a great cardio work out. If you have never done it before, it is good to try a beginner class that is of shorter duration and an easier pace. As with any class, you should always let the instructor know if you are new to it, go at your own pace and listen to your body. If you would like to try it, call me at the Meriden YMCA at 203-235-6386 x16.
Charlie Breitrose November 16, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Great tips for winter workouts. I will have to break out my bike and trainer!
lulu November 23, 2012 at 07:07 AM
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