Book Publishing Services!

Are you an author or small publisher interested in getting books to your market? Self-publishing, direct-to-market and small press publishing are the way to go for specialty and local-interest books, and it's never been easier to bring your work to a global audience.

You've probably discovered, though, that getting a quality publication together is more work and takes more skill than you might have been led to believe. Writing the book is the easy part... getting it into professional, appealing book form can be hard and expensive. There are a lot of steps between that great novel, local history or how-to book in manuscript form and the book you envision it to be.

We can help! With 30 years of publication design and publishing experience, turning your material into a polished, professionally-produced book is what we do. Whether you need help with one step of the process or all of it, we can get that book in your hands... and the hands of your market. Whether you want traditional bound books, short-run copies, print-on-demand, any form of e-book, online presentation or any combination, we can get you there, with a result that looks like it came from New York publisher's row.

Visit www.NitroPress.com for more information, then call or drop us an email with some details of your book project. Initial consultation (including some expert advice) is always free!

Note: We are not a publisher. We're a publishing service. We produce your book for you to market and sell under your own name or publishing imprint - and we can help with that end of the process as well.


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