Admit It! You Don't Believe In The 2nd Amendment!

This whole gun control thing is not about guns, it's about the rule of law and freedom.

Either you believe in freedom or you don't.
Either you believe in inalienable rights, or you don't.
One can not be free, if he cannot defend his freedom as he sees fit.
One can not be free, if he cannot own the property he wishes.
One can not be free and unfree at the same time.

Nobody is a criminal who threates to harm no one.
Gun owners are not criminals, they are gun owners.
As long as no one is threatening to harm others, no one has a right to take what is theirs or even just bother them.


Either you believe in justice and the rule of law or you don't.
Rule of law means punishing those who are guilty of hurting or threatening others, not restricting the freedom of those who don't.

When you can't defend yourself, you are no longer free, you are subordinated to the mercy of your benefactors.


King Obama wants our guns.
He doesn't believe in the Constitution.
He doesn't believe in liberty.
He doesn't believe in inalienable rights.
He wants totalitarian rule, and this is what he is creating, slowly at first, now fast, and surely.

We must get real about these issues.
Either we believe in the 2nd Amendment or we don't.
If we don't, then we need to deal with the 2nd Amendment as according to the rule of law, and Amend it legally and Constitutionally.
If we don't believe in the 2nd Amendment, we need to still act legally.

If we don't believe in the Constitution, or the 2nd Amendment, then we need to get rid of the Constitution, the idea of rule of law, and crown King Obama the Supreme Ruler right now, and get on with things.

Admit it, that's what you want so don't lie about it anymore, but also admit this, if guns are outlawed and only the government has guns what you've created a totalitarian state.

If we live under a totalitarian government, we are no longer free. We are subjects.

If we are no longer free, why do we need a government?

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Kaptainsteve January 19, 2013 at 08:06 PM
If you depend on others for your freedom, then you are not really free are you?


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