Isn't It Time For A Sensible Discussion On Gun Control?

Gun nuts want no part of a sensible discussion on guns, but isn't it time?

Is It Time For A Sensible Discussion On Gun Control? 

A sensible discussion on gun-control?  Now?  How? Are you kidding?

Why would any sensible lover of life, freedom or property want any part of a "sensible discussion" on gun control now?   You'd have to be a fool to enter negotiations in a situation where one has absolutely nothing to gain.  See, this is no honest "discussion."  This isn't even a "discussion" at all and it certainly isn't sensible, it's knee jerk emotional grandstanding.  What it is is simply a negotiation of terms. The gun-grabbers want legal gun owners guns, and that's what the "sensible discussion" is all about.  It's a discussion about how far they can take this and not letting this crisis go to waste.   Hurry, hurry hurry...

To understand the absurdity of this discussion.  Think about it in terms of a false set of choices.  It's like asking a hungry person to choose between food and poison. It's like the age old question, "are you married or are you happy?" It's simply a "loaded" or a fixed conversation because the outcome has already been pre-determined long even before the "discussion" even starts,  it's just a matter and discussion about degree.  It's as honest a contest as a rasslin' match between the Gorgeous George and the Masked Marvel.

But, the burden of proof is NOT on the gun owners, as they've broken no laws nor committed any crimes. The burden of proof is on those who want to impose the imposition, the gun-grabbers.  yet this won't be "discussed" or even tolerated because if it's brought up, just as suddenly the discussion is no longer "sensible."

Finally, to enter into any "discussion" or negotiation with the gun grabbers is pointless. All the "discussion" is really about is "how much do the gun grabbers want to give up now?" Again, it's a false set of choices.  And it's illogical. Adam Lanza committed the crime, and yet the gun grabbers want to in effect punish or limit the freedom of those who've had nothing to do with it. It's like suing all the other Ford owners after a drunk driver kills a pedestrian. It makes no sense and it certainly has nothing to do with justice or rule of law.

Gun grabbers want no part of any honest discussion, not now, not ever.


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Kaptainsteve January 12, 2013 at 11:38 AM
.How is a "sensible" discussion on gun control possible when the whole premise of what is "sensible" is the predetermined conclusion that you will have to give up something while they will give up nothing? It's as fair as the mugger saying to his victim, "your money or your life?" A "sensible" discussion on gun control is just not possible when the gun grabbers have only one agenda, to end the discussion on gun control!


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