Home Sales in Mansfield: October 19-25

The most expensive transaction was for $370,000.

Realtors and appraisers believe that sellers are sticking with what they perceive their houses to be worth, said Katelyn Crowther, of the Mansfield Assessor's Office.

"There are a lot people that don’t want to come down on their prices for people looking to buy, so the sales that are coming in are definitely below our 2009 reval prices," Crowther said of Mansfield.

"Bank rates are incredibly row right now, she said. "If people are willing to negotiate, there’s a lot on the market."

Below, you'll find a list of the latest property transactions in Mansfield:


James E. Newcity transferred the property at 1924 Storrs Rd. to Nathan D. Fuerst and Shelby J. Fuerst for $370,000.

Lawrence R. Gundersen transferred the property at Assessor’s Lot 17-1 Forest Rd. to Rosen Family Partnership II for $20,000.

Sherman Clebnik and Paula Clebnik transferred the property at 41 Constitution Sq. to Gladys Morgan, LLC for $92,000.

Kenneth N. Hall transferred the property at 280 Hanks Hill Rd. to Kenneth N. Hall and Karen L. Jensen.


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