Home Sales in Mansfield: September 28-October 4

The most expensive transaction - Town Manager Matthew Hart's home - was $357,500.


Mallory M. Bagwell transferred the property at 512 Chaffeeville Rd. to Michele Bagwell.

Sarah B. Fields-Avery transferred the property at 25-C Anton Rd. to Margaret Judy for $124,900.

Matthew W. Hart and Kara A. Hart transferred the property at 9 Deerfield Ln. to Arash Esmaili Zaghi and Sarira Motaref for $357,500.

Stephen Marks Hamilton and Floy Marks-Hamilton transferred the property at 11 Old Mill Ct. to John Polchlopkek and Hannah Marks-Hamilton for $220,000.

Lu-Ann Brown transferred the property at Lot #1 to Gregory J. Anderson for $100,00.

Federal National Mortgage Association transferred the property at 200A Spring Hill Rd. to Jonathan B. Sgro and Gwendolyn Schneider-Sgro.


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