What Do You Know About Mansfield Statistics? Take the Quiz

Sure, you can find your way around town and you may know when a certain school was built, but what do you know about Mansfield by the numbers?

And if you'd rather not guess, just scroll down to find out some interesting statistics about Mansfield.
And if you'd rather not guess, just scroll down to find out some interesting statistics about Mansfield.
How much do you know about Mansfield? How much business do you think goes through the Mansfield Town Clerk's Office?

Here's a 10-question quiz taken from the Town Clerk's Office part of the just-published 2012-2013 Annual Town Report (see pages 34-35):

  1. The Town Clerk's Office recorded (a) 884 land records in the 2012-2013 fiscal year; (b) 1,502; (c) 2,622 (d) 3,218
  2. The office collected conveyance taxes totaling (a) $36,819; (b) 82,468; (c) $109,287 (d) $127,441
  3. Conveyance tax revenues made up what percent of the office's total budget? (a) 35 percent; (b) 55 percent; (c) 85 percent; (d) 105 percent
  4. The Town Clerk's Office recorded (a) 48 marriages; (b) 68 marriages; (c) 88 marriages; (d) 108 marriages.
  5. The office recorded (a) 46 deaths; (b) 76 deaths; (c) 96 deaths; (d) 116 deaths.
  6. The office recorded (a) 56 births; (b) 66 births; (c) 86 births; (d) 136 births.
  7. The number of dog licenses issued in town was (a) 1,696; (b) 1,896; (c) 2,096; (d) 2,196
  8. The clerk's office sold (a) 213 sport licenses; (b) 313; (c) 413; (d) 513
  9. In the primary elections held in 2012 the proportion of registered Republicans/Democrats who voted (out of total registered voters for that party) was : (a) 23% of Republicans/ 21% of Democrats; (b) 33 percent of GOP/ 31 percent Democrats; (c) 43 percent GOP/ 41 percent Democrats; (d) 63 percent GOP/ 61 percent Democrats
  10. In the 2012 presidential election the number of town residents voting was (a) 5,609 (b) 7,609 (c) 9,609 (d) 10,609

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... OK, here you go: Answers:

  1. (c) Total Land Records recorded 2,622;
  2. (d) Conveyance Tax received $127,441
  3. (c) 85 percent of the office budget
  4. (a) Marriage Licenses issued 48;
  5. (c) Deaths recorded 96;
  6. (b) Births of residents recorded 66.
  7. (a) Dog Licenses issued July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013 were 1,696 and 3 Kennels.
  8. (b) Sport Licenses sold 313.
  9. (a) Democratic and Republican Congressional Primaries were held in August 2012. A total of 277 Republicans voted in the Republican Primary (23 percent) and a total of 808 Democrats voted in the Democratic Primary (21 percent).
  10. (c) The office issued 721 absentee ballots, including 65 ballots send to non-registered overseas voter and 129 Presidential ballots, for the 2012 Presidential Election. A total of 9,609 citizens voted (76.73 percent).


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