Informational Meeting Wednesday for Mansfield School Building Project

The series of informational workshops continues August 22 at the Mansfield Senior Center.

Mansfield residents are encouraged to attend an informational meeting Wednesday on the town's proposed school building project.

The meeting, the third in a series of informational sessions, will begin at 7 p.m. in the dining room of the .

If all goes according to plan, the Mansfield Town Council will seek voters' approval for the in November.

, the Mansfield Planning & Zoning Commission ruled that the Town Council's proposal for the school building project was in compliance with the .

With the commission's decision, the project remains on track for a November referendum.

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Residents who are unable to make Wednesday's meeting, have four more opportunities to attend a session following August 22. The dates, times and locations of those meetings are as follows, according to the town:

  • August 29, 7 p.m. - , Multipurpose Room
  • August 30, 7 p.m. - , Multipurpose Room
  • September 4, 7 p.m. - , Cafeteria
  • September 5, 7:30 p.m. - , Multipurpose Room

Additional information about the proposed project can be found on Mansfield-Storrs Patch.

ric hossack August 21, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Please attend these meetings if you are concerned about the massive amount of debt Mansfield will take on with this project. The real numbers are not $35.9 million, as spouted by town management but more like $56.5 million !!! In addition, the propaganda states we will save over $17 million in operational savings over the 22 years of debt service. If these savings do not come to fruition the price tag jumps to over $73.5 million [after another $29 million of state tax money] One alternative, which has been quietly eliminated, is to renovate our schools. Using a planned repair/renovate scenario, the taxpayers could actually afford to repair needed infrastructure, provide "library/media centers" in all schools, and continue to provide the finest education for our children without encumbering the taxpayers with massive debt. So please attend one of these "informational sessions" as well as the next council meeting on August 27th. Express your opinions to the council. It is your taxes affected along with everyone in town.
Anne Pappalardo August 21, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I entirely support renovations. What Mansfield considers old/outdated or castoffs, other towns would welcome as new. What the powers that be do not seem to understand is the limitations of our wallets. The proposed tax burden will drive this 23-year middle-aged resident and her family to purchase a home in another town.
CeltinWood August 21, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Mansfield is a contradiction of needs and desires. Numerous people - our family included - chose Mansfield when our children were first born (approx 20 yrs ago) because of the state recognized school system. The housing was less affordable yet we made that choice. Now that enrollment is predicted to fall and Mansfield remains a high achieving school system, the town wants to destroy perfectly good facilities in order to place us in debt. Why? There will be less students. Less students mean less demand on the infrastructure. With three bldgs to choose from, there are many ways to more affordably repair the existing structures. Also, just because the "state may kick in" with regard to funding, has everyone forgotten that we, the local taxpayer also contribute to that kitty as well? In the end, we - and everyone in the state - will be paying for facilities when our neighboring districts have far, far more serious needs. Who is deciding this “redistribution of the wealth”? Who gains from this massive expenditure? Who loses (many)? "Informational" meetings are akin to the time share condo salespeople who attempt to "sell you" their wares....beware. It is propaganda, sales techniques. They are looking for a quick "close"...... Please vote NO before our town is placed in debt that it can no longer address......
CeltinWood August 21, 2012 at 04:53 PM
The actual "cost" will be far more than financial. It will cost the town in regard to young, vibrant professionals who have yet to have made their way. Finding they have to move to better afford their property taxes and other overall costs of living as the economy and unemployment rates (as we can see daily in the media) come crashing down around them. It will cost the state by taking much needed funding from other districts and projects to provide us with a "feel good" scenerio when our educational system and even facilities are far better off than our neighboring towns and even many of those municipalities across the state. It would be similar to having a reliable, dependable used car - while facing an uncertain employment future - and impulsively going out to buy a brand new model just to make yourself "feel better". Changing not one thing about your commute or transportation - simply adding undue cost and incurring further debt with which to fret about every evening. Yet our town, having no comman sense nor control over their impulsive behaviors, is asking us to do just that! Spend, spend and continue to spend while the rest of the state and the country sink further and further into economic dispair. Who is really in control here? Who do the elected town officials really work for?
000 August 21, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Please, people of Mansfield, many of your neighbors are struggling to get by, make ends meet, and pay bills and mortgages. Many of us are doing what we can just to keep our houses and our families fed. It's not easy for everyone. Recent big plans, like the Storrs Center Project and the plan to plow under functional schools to build new ones will raise taxes which to you may seem nominal, but to others may mean the difference between keeping their house and losing it. Think carefully, as if the money you spent is NOT your own, but is your neighbor's and after all, it is.
CeltinWood August 21, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Clearly, the accounting be presented by the town is fictitious - at best. We need to hear more from those that are on the borderline of financial failure so that the town will realize that as with the rest of the state/country, the great recession/depression of our time has claimed far too many victims locally to continue to fund these altruistic ideas. Our children are some of the best educated in the state and the nation, for that matter! They are safe and secure within the facilities that currently exist. We can easily, as needed, update each building at only a fraction of the cost of building new. Please, let the otherwise passive voting base speak up and let the truth be heard - else we will surely be indebted long after our grandchildren will have inherited this failed community......
Very Long Term Mansfield Resident August 24, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Did you read the front of the Chronicle yesterday? Our town finally started to smarten up and is planning to conserve, be fiscally smart, and just replace the roof of the elementary school. OOOPS, my mistake. That was a town smarter than our's, Windham. Instead, the Mansfield town councel and school board want to drag us all into financial ruin as they push for major and unnecessary renovations of our schools. All while our town is smack dab in the middle of a down town over haul that isn't even complete and is way over budget. Who's running this show anyways? And why aren't they listening?
CeltinWood August 24, 2012 at 04:38 PM
They refuse to listen. Worse yet, they have planned the referendum when UCONN is in session as to solicit the votes of non-resident. People who own no property and pay no/little property taxes - thus having little concern of our budgetary woes. It is all orchestrated rather nicely, don't you think? The main question - yet again - is who would financially benefit? What agencies, firms, corporations (tasked with the project) would gain the most? Which politico has business, familial or social ties to these entities? There has to be more to the story when the facilities aren't needed and so many in town (ask anyone!) are against this. Where are the real, investigative reporters when you need them?
Kaptainsteve August 24, 2012 at 09:43 PM
It's this whole collectivist mindset where everything belongs to everybody and nothing belongs to anybody. It's all about central planning and the good of the whole and hiding behind the kid's education or the town image. It's about taking money from others and using it to inflate your own ego. It's about elitism and self aggrandizement. It's about false philanthropy because it's not really your money and you can't spend it without first appropriating it from your neighbors. It's about saying you care more than others. It's about saying you care about your neighbors and pretending you do, but meanwhile you make them poorer and some of them lose the ability to afford the new tax increases and lose their homes. No, this never happens does it? Yes, it happens. Folks, everytime you spend and raise taxes just a little bit, the next guy in line on the bottom rung gets hurt. When you pull his number, his family gets hurt. He can't pay your taxes anymore and if he's lucky he leaves, if not he loses his home. The Town Council needs to think not about this "common good" baloney, but about that next guy hanging on that last rung, the next guy who can't afford that little insignificant tax increase that you don't even bother to worry about. He's the guy you hurt. It's his family that you make suffer. You people really need to think about what you do and stop ignoring & pretending that we can all afford your kindness because he can't. Is there no longer room in your town for him?
CeltinWood August 25, 2012 at 02:03 PM
.....Well said Kaptainsteve! The time has come, upon next election cycle, to let the voices of Mansfield be heard. We must elect new officials and purge ourselves of those that would otherwise continue to push our town into financial ruin. Numerous cities and towns across the nation have filed for bankruptcy, have no bond rating, can't pay for basic maintenance and services..........is this where we want our town to end up? Is that the type of failed leadership we want guiding us as well? Those that can not learn by the mistakes of others - let alone their own? The school facilities are fine. They are better than over 50% of the state's other school. We have fewer and fewer children to house in these schools yet - at the moment - we continue to have one of the best school system in the state. We need to get through one financial disaster (Storrs Center - over budget, lack of tenants, etc...) at a time before we stack them into an overwhelming, financial "storm of the century"....... Vote no. Vote the council members OUT. Take back control of OUT town.....Remind politicians for whom they work and revoke the sense of entitlement that pollutes their cognition..........


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