Mansfield Issues Storm Preparedness Guide

A powerful winter storm is expected to hammer the Mansfield area and much of the rest of the region — bringing with it heavy snow, high winds and at times white out conditions — from Friday into Saturday morning.

The following information is provided by the Town of Mansfield:

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Red Cross is urging everyone to shelter-in-place (stay home) during the storm and to prepare themselves to be self-sufficient for 24-48 hours after the storm.  Please see important links and information below for preparing yourself and your family.

Parking Ban

As a reminder, there is a ban on overnight parking on all town roads in effect from November 1st - April 15th.  During a winter storm, this ban is in effect for all hours of the day.


If a shelter or respite center becomes necessary, the Town will open the facility AFTER the storm is over and when travel is appropriate.  Information about the shelter or respite center will be publicized on www.MansfieldCT.gov and distributed to area media. 

Electricity Restoration

Anyone without power should call and report it to CL&P at 860-947-2000 or 800-286-2000.  CL&P makes resource and priority decisions about restoring power in part based on the calls they receive.  

If able, please visit the Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) Storm Center webpage for more outage details.  CL&P may be able to provide restoration time estimates if you sign in to your personal account online. 

Safety Information

Fire/Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Portable generators are useful but they can be hazardous. Generators should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer instructions and guidelines. The primary hazards to avoid when using them are carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. Charcoal/gas grills, camp stoves and lanterns, gas ovens, fireplaces, kerosene, gasoline or propane-powered space heaters can also be sources of serious safety concerns.  Please follow these links for more information:

Water Safety

If your home is served by a private well, sump pump, and/or sewage pump and you lose power, these items will likely be non-functional. Make sure to have at least 1 gallon per person per day of fresh, sealed water for drinking and personal needs. 

After a storm, water from public water supplies and private wells may not be safe to drink. Water that is discolored, cloudy, has an odor, or has small particles or floating pieces should NOT be used. Listen to the news or your water company to know if your water's safe. For more information on public drinking water systems go to www.ct.gov/dph/publicdrinkingwater.  

To disinfect water, use ONE of the following methods:

  • Boil at a rolling boil for one minute. Make sure water is clear of any particles or floating pieces before boiling; OR,
  • Add 8 drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops per gallon for cloudy water. Do NOT use bleach that has perfumes or ingredients other than sodium hypochlorite as it may be toxic; OR,
  • Add water purification tablets according to directions on the package.

Food Safety

Ensure all refrigerators and freezers are kept closed. A tightly shut refrigerator can keep the food at or below 45º F for about 4 hours and a freezer can keep food frozen for up to 2 days (if fully stocked). Any frozen food that thaws but remains at less than 45º F can be cooked and eaten. Food above 45º F should be thrown out. In general: don't re-freeze frozen food if it has been thawed.

Be especially careful with eggs and egg products, milk and milk products, meat, fish, poultry and shellfish. If you have any doubt concerning food items, they should be discarded - remember -when in doubt, throw it out! 

What to keep & throw away:  Refrigerated foods/Frozen foods

Closure of Town Facilities

Early closures of the Mansfield Community Center and Mansfield Public Library for Friday, February 8th are likely; exact closure times will be determined at a later point so please plan accordingly.


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