So What if the Election Ends in a Tie for Electoral Votes?

It is conceivable that each candidate could end up with 269 electoral votes each;then we might have a Republican president and a Democratic VP--here's how.

Did the results from Dixville Notch, NH this morning foreshadow a presidential election scenario that is not so far-fetched? The Dixville results showed a 5-5 tie between Obama and Romney.

Should no one get 270 electoral votes, the race might be a tie at 269 each--it's not a far-fetched scenario. If so, the incoming House picks the President in January. Each state delegation gets one vote.The House will likely retain a Republican majority, so it will choose Romney. The Senate gets to choose the VP on a straight vote, and it will likely still have  a Democratic majority, so it will pick Biden.

It is therefore conceivable that we could have a Republican president and a Democratic vice-president! Maybe then a more bipartisan spirit will return to Washington, or would it be worse? What do you think?


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