Principal: Goodwin Has 'Normal' School Day in Wake of Newtown Shooting

The following letter was provided by Debra Adamczyk, Principal at Dorothy C. Goodwin Elementary School, as sent to Mansfield parents Monday afternoon.

Debra Adamczyk, Principal at Dorothy C. Goodwin Elementary School released the following statement Monday to the Mansfield Public Schools community.

Dear Parents,

I know many of you may be wondering how the day has gone. I can tell you that things have been quite "normal" here at Goodwin. Staff greeted the buses and Trooper Matt was introduced to them as they arrived. He stayed through arrival and then left for other duties. Once inside the school, the day seemed typical. As expected, our PreK through 1st grade students have been far more preoccupied with the upcoming holiday break and their conversations have been about topics like travel plans, family events, and pine cone collections. Second through fourth graders are more aware of recent events but seem quickly redirected and eager to be doing something more routine. Friday's events came up in only two class meetings though individual children have sought out teachers to talk about what they heard. Whenever we hear children talking about Sandy Hook with peers, we have stopped the discussion and reminded them that it is best to talk about the details of what they have heard with an adult present. This has seemed to appease them. 

Some of the children are asking what they can do to help Newtown. They are giving ideas to teachers. The district will be talking about K-12 efforts to support the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy on Wednesday. We plan to have children who are interested participate in some act of kindness and support on Thursday. 

Thank you from all of the staff for the many kind correspondences we have received over the past few days. We are truly blessed to work in such a loving and caring community.



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