Principal: Vinton School Day 'Routine, Uneventful' in Wake of Newtown Shooting

The following letter was provided by James Palmer, Principal at Annie E. Vinton Elementary School, as sent to Mansfield parents Monday afternoon.

James Palmer, Principal at Annie E. Vinton Elementary School released the following statement Monday to the Mansfield Public Schools community.

Dear Parents,

I know many of you may be wondering how the day went. I can report that our day at Vinton was remarkably routine and uneventful. Our staff responded to the day, although atypical for all of us, in their usual professional and caring manner. Our students were wonderful, and the Vinton parents were respectful and appreciative of our efforts to have a school day that was "business as usual" for our students. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the dedication of the Vinton staff and our community partners.

As we progress through the week, please know that we value your sense of concern and welcome your input. Should you need to speak with me, please do not hesitate. Once again, thanks for your support.


James Palmer



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