UConn: CT High School Must Change Design of Husky Mascot

In a scramble over the UConn and Clinton's Morgan School mascot, the Husky, the University calls the shots.

After negotiations with University of Connecticut officials, the 59-year mascot for the Morgan School in Clinton will remain, but its look must change.

"We are not changing the mascot from a Husky to something else," confirmed Morgan School Principal Keri Hagness. "But we must make changes to our current design."

The Marketing and Licensing Department at UConn has issued a "cease and desist" on any future production of Morgan School's design of their mascot without it first being radically changed. The ordering of items such as new sports shirts and hats are "on hold" for right now.

"They want to know what our plan is to correct it," added Hagness.

All of this came about when an alleged visitor to the high school took a photo of the large Husky painted on the gymnasium floor and sent the photo to UConn officials.

Hagness noted that school board attorney, Kevin Roy, said there needs to be a new design that UConn will then approve.

"It cannot project the image of UConn's Husky," said Hagness.

Kathryn Averill, a senior art student at Morgan, is currently on the job designing some new Husky logos, said Hagness.

Most of the students at the school see the forced change as an opportunity to come up with a Husky that is truly "Morgan," said Hagness.

"The kids have taken to this argument to come up with their own design," she said.


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